General Terms and Conditions for Clients of Apollo Lingua GbR:

1. Placing of orders

Orders for Apollo Lingua GbR must be placed in writing. They become binding once Apollo Lingua GbR has confirmed them in writing. The Client who has placed the order shall always be the principal and invoice recipient. The source texts to be translated will be translated by our translators (sub-contractors) or by a translation agency of our choice. Quotes are provided free of charge.

2. Client’s obligation to cooperate

When placing an order, the Client must provide all relevant data and details (intended purpose, language combination, form) to Apollo Lingua GbR. The translation provided by Apollo Lingua GbR will only be adapted to the Client’s existing terminology if this has been agreed and if all necessary data (previous translations or glossaries) has been provided to us. Apollo Lingua GbR cannot be held responsible for any errors or shortcomings that are due to non-compliance with this obligation to cooperate.

3. Right of cancellation

If the client cancels the contract with Apollo Lingua GbR, Apollo Lingua shall be entitled to the agreed remuneration. However, Apollo Lingua GbR must offset any costs it saves through such cancellation against the remuneration payable to it.

4. Provision of services

Apollo Lingua GbR shall provide a complete translation of the source text. Technical terms shall be translated with the commonly accepted term, unless otherwise agreed. If, at the time the translation was started, no special instructions or reference material were available, Apollo Lingua GbR shall not be responsible for editing the style of the translation.

Delivery dates shall not be binding – unless binding dates have been agreed. In case of delays, Apollo Lingua GbR shall notify the Client immediately. If a binding delivery date has been agreed, Apollo Lingua GbR shall be entitled to delay the delivery if such delay is due to circumstances for which the Client is responsible. This shall apply, in particular, to cases where relevant information required for the translation is missing or where the client changes the source text. Of course, in such cases, Apollo Lingua GbR will inform the Client immediately.

5. Errors and shortcomings

Apollo Lingua GbR must be notified of any errors or shortcomings within 14 days after the delivery of the translation. If a translation contains errors or shortcomings, the Client shall set a reasonable grace period for the elimination of such errors/shortcomings. If the revised version of the translation still contains errors/shortcomings, the Client shall be entitled to cancel the contract or to reduce the remuneration payable to Apollo Lingua GbR accordingly. It shall not be considered an error/shortcoming if errors/shortcomings in a translation are due to a breach of the Client's obligation to cooperate or if the source documents contained errors or were incomplete.

6. Confidentiality and data protection

All translation services shall be treated confidentially. For reasons of data protection, all relevant documents relating to a translation project shall be destroyed 4 weeks after the delivery of the translation (unless longer storage times are dictated by law).

7. Liability

Apollo Lingua GbR shall not be liable for breaches of obligations due to slight negligence. This shall not apply to cases where liability for damages that can be typically expected in connection with such a contract is mandatory due to intent or gross negligence or due to a breach of a material contractual obligation caused by slight negligence. The liability shall be limited to the amount covered by the insurance for financial losses (max. EUR 100,000). In case of translations of which multiple copies are printed, Apollo Lingua GbR shall only be liable if Apollo Lingua GbR has been provided with print-outs for review and has released the translation for printing.

8. Place of jurisdiction

The general place of jurisdiction shall be Bremen, Germany.